Thank YOU

for joining the membership! May my expressions inspire you to feel more love, peace joy and pleasure in your life ❤️


In addition to all the sweet treats in the membership area above, I also offer breathing and eye gazing sessions

We are mostly in silence just breathing and seeing one another. We stay deeply connected to the breath the whole session, and here we also allow whatever to come up to come up… tears, joy, pleasure, fear, anger. If needed we explore and talk about it however most recommended is to just breathe through it all and let the energies move through you.

This session is clothing optional, meaning you can be naked or with clothes whatever is most comfortable for you.


I also offer simple power listening and holding space sessions for whatever wants to emerge, where you share express anything you desire and I hold space for you.


Also open to a custom session just reach out and let me know what you were thinking and desiring. 

If you are interested in booking a session with me click the button below.