To clearly see. A man. Or a women. For what they truly actually are.
Im beyond blessed to experience seeing them, and me, as Love. A symbol of Love. Of God. The Amount of Love I feel for human beings is huge. The connecting and being close is what shows us we are all Love. When we connect and dare to actually look see and feel, thats when we remember. Remembering that Love is all there is and ever will be.
Of course in the depths of pure seeing and deep meditation it is seen also. Really we cant help but in the end see it this way.

The mind will have it’s battle to create it in another way. It is conditioned, thats ok. Love for this conditioning. Compassion for the false seeing. Love and compassion for the lens. Its innocent. We have the ability and choice to take the lenses of now.
We have the freedom to choose. We can choose freedom. Death. Love.
I include the word death because I feel death is beautiful. When person dies only Love remains. Its a painful scary experience for the person. It’s only for the brave and courageous. Not everyone will walk into the fire.
Many will. And once we do, we see. The feeling of exhilaration, liberation and full expansion comes. Growth!

Yes. This is why we are here. To risk “dying” for truth. Ego/mind may have all kinds of stories and beliefs. Reasons to be unhappy and concerned.
You. We. Love. Is at Peace. Come on back. Drop the recordings of the mind. Push reject on the tape that is your mind. What you will see is Reality. Bright and alive. You will See as God, Live as God, and Realize God. God. AKA Love.