1:1 Work With Me 

I offer 1:1 personalized coaching and guidance depending on your needs. I also offer my time and energy as a good friend and alley on your path. All topics are open for discussion in my sessions, I work with a limited amount of people each month, so reach out now to get your spot. 

Alternative Lifestyle Coaching 

Urine Therapy support, raw vegan lifestyle tips as well as step by step guidance how you can naturally heal and thrive without using chemicals and strong medications. Natural tips and tricks to overcome depression and or mental health problems. NOTE: I am not a professional therapist, I only share what has helped me in my mental health and depression journey $88/1 hr

Relaxed Voice Call  

We explore and talk about anything your heart wants to talk about, if you want support in a specific area I am here for it, if you just want a loving listening presence I am here for that. This can also be a flowly friendly fun conversation to simply relax and connect in loves presence. $111/1hr

Tantric Sexuality Coaching 

Remember your true source, reconnect to your pleasure in sacred nourishing ways, open your heart with breath sound & movement. Explore your shadows and energetic blocks with love. Feel alive radiant and confident as you bring your sexual energy up into your heart and mind. Balance heaven and earth enerrgies within. $133/1hr 

The Amanda Show Subscription 

See posts and videos I cannot post on social media or youtube. 

Testimonials from 1:1 Sessions 


"Our most recent conversation, the self gazing meditation, your YouTube and Instagram videos have been like a turning point for me. I can now look into my eyes with no aversion. I can touch myself while being naked with no disgust. I may still feel sad, depressed, shameful, and guilty, and even more so sometimes, but I try to at least accept negative emotions, not run from them. I can actually hug myself with love. Also, I think me being naked during our phone conversation may have helped me to be more sincere, more open. It is like undressing physically may facilitate undressing emotionally. Thank you for the great experience.”

“ Aloha! You know, since our yesterday's call, I have been at peace, with no anxiety or shame, while staying naked. Reflecting on the call gives me a pleasant feeling in my chest, like I achieved something important, something big. I am actually feeling more love towards myself. “

Thank you so much for the call. I am feeling relaxed and relieved, even somewhat elevated, like a burden came off. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Amanda Be Love because why be anything else but your most authentic self aka Love. 

It is time NOW to activate Heaven on Earth in your body mind and heArt.  May we all join in the eternal One mind of Christs Love, and so it is, it is done. 


Heaven on Earth. The Eternal Present Moment. The center of my chest, the heART. 

Call Open Hours

Monday – Friday

11:11AM – 1:11PM


808 209 1109

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