Notes from a talk from Ohad Pele :

When we tap into the divine within, our skin radiates 

The flesh of the body is the gospel of the soul 

Looking at a naked person, you can know so much about them, their naked body and skin is shining and expressing everything about who they are – what is the message of the Soul? It radiates out through the flesh. \

Nudity – Nakedness – Naked Truth – The original form

Why do we cover the body? There is a lot of shame….

A disconnection, forgetting who we are and the body is not communicating it, so we cover it. 

The word for clothes in Hebrew comes from betrayal.

Because of the betrayal between the deep trust of body and soul, we feel the need to cover the body – clothes bypass the betrayal and instead communicate the belief system and culture of that person. When a person stands naked we can see their Soul shine through their skin.