Aloha. I am Lila. I am Love. I am here to embody who I am. I desire to live my pure desires and inspire others to do the same. I am a being whom has had a painful challenging path to walk yet I am also a being who understands the purpose of everything. I know that all is well and that everything is unfolding as it should. All the pain struggles have actually been the biggest blessing. All of it is supporting growth and expansion into greater higher levels of consciousness. We are awakening from the dream of separation and suffering by connecting to who we are eternally while in the human form.

I have had human struggles of deep internal emotional pain. I have been very suicidal and destructive. I used to self harm and self medicate with alcohol and drugs. I went down a path where I used substance until it nearly killed me. I had an experience of meeting death. That experience changed my life forever. That is when I experienced who we are beyond our body and mind. The infinite light energy that we are. I had a choice in that moment of meeting death, to come back. And I did come back. Now with this trust knowing and faith that the light is here. Always here.