I love the soft skin I feel

I love the soft fuzzy hairs on my thighs 

I love the feeling of my breath flowing in and out through my nostrils 

I love the feeling of the earth beneath my feet 

I love the touch of the air and atmosphere on this naked body 

I love the wetness and pulsing I’m feeling in my yoni 

I love the electricity and sparkling feeling going up my spine 

I love feeling the tongue inside the mouth 

The wetness in the mouth 

I enjoy being in this impermanent body 

I actually love the way it feels 

And if I am being honest

I feel this body is SO beautiful 

Mostly because of how it feels 

Yet also and I say this very humbly 

I like the way this body looks 

Its appearance 

I walk by the mirror and I’m like: “that’s one fine looking earthsuit”

I even get to enjoy my own sexy dances 

Blessed as I am 

I am aware not everyone likes a body that looks like this 

This is so okay

I feel so long as I enjoy this body that’s called Amanda then all is well 

Its not about what anybody else thinks 

Their validation and approval means nothing

My own validation and approval of me and this body means everything 

Well it means that we can enjoy more 

Taste more, play more, live more 

Be like a happy child in this Kingdom of heaven 

I am deserving of this while I am here 

We all are 

For so long I wanted to end it 

Now I have decided to live it to its fullest 

To also know the truth of this body 

Its impermanent nature 

It is like a dress I get to wear that has an expiration date 

Sometimes I pretend I am truly a person 


I am enjoying inhabiting impermanent bodies

They are all SO gorgeous and unique 

I would not be able to experience touch and taste as I can being a temporary human 

This is why I choose to inhabit them

The life force that I am 

This infinite energy that is I 

I love to move through bodies 

This is all I desire to do through Amanda 

To express and flow through her effortlessly 

I am grateful she is allowing me to more and more 

I am grateful she is surrendering and softening into the truth 

This lets me express with more ease 

Ok Amandas body is ready to lay in the darkness now. 

So we are signing off. 

Much love to you the reader 🙂 

/Life force energy wrote this through Amandas hands. I am an apparent person and I know I also am not. 

Hahaha can’t get enough of it. What a cosmic joke!