bAnanda Bliss Terms of Service

My Boundaries
This is my membership page where I share openly and vulnerable with you my feelings, reflections, fears and desires. I share many different feelings and emotions with you. I Only allow comments that are supportive and positive. I have a boundary that you do not get over sexual with me in the comment section. If you feel sexual arousal very strongly my boundary is that you do not comment on my videos or pictures but that you instead reach out privately in an email about it. I am open to the conversation and for further connection but only if it is with mutual respect and mindfulness, in a private message. Open clear compassionate communication is very important if you have any problems or feedback for me. I will remove any comments that I desire. I do not have to interact with you just because you are a paid member.

I will interact and communicate on my own desire to do so. Not because I have to because you are a paying member. This is a high vibe page and I will keep it so by removing any member or comment that is spreading negativity. Thank you for honoring and loving the feminine and hearing my requests for mutual respect, care and consideration. Love you and welcome you happily.