I am avoidant at times.

Especially because I’m really attracted to you and you stir things up in me, I feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in my feelings, or like I’m going wild and I will lose control with you.

I can’t help but get dripping wet by your presence, heart opens and is so deeply touched.

I choose to show up present, to see You, vs my projections of you or what I can get from you.

What I want most with us is genuine present connection, care and consideration, honesty and courageous heart sharing.

I choose to show up in courageous presence and wild free love with you. Because you are deserving of who I truly am, vs relating with me when I have my walls up or am playing some game or trying to be cool.
You and how you are drives me wild. I also cry as I hear your angelic voice. ♥️ tears of gratitude for men like you in my life.

Brings ease relaxation and a feeling of opening in this body……..