Sex. Everyone seems to love or be interested in sex in one way or another. Many people are having sex. Many people are having sex a lot !

But is everyone having great amazing, heart opening, chakra opening, revitalizing sex that truly leaves you nourished and well sex fed afterwards ?

Hmmm. No… Sadly many are having sex and feeling like they just ate some junk fast food. Not really feeling honored loved or respected. Many leave sex feeling unseen and messy. Kinda confused and emotional. Upset and anxious.

Why ? Well, there is something missing. In my opinion, there are 5 essential keys to great powerful nourishing life giving sex.

I could go into all the reasons why people are having such poor sex life. Why many women are feeling harmed by the sex they are engaging in. But honestly, I feel to instead make this post be about the amazing steps we can take Now in order to begin the path towards a greater sex life.

So here we go:

The 5 Steps to Greater Sex: According to bAnandaBliss (Amanda) 😉

Step 1 : Daily Meditation Mindfulness Practice

This step is crucial for amazing sex. Because it will get you connected to who you are beyond your body and your mind. It will connect you to the Universe and to the infinite stream of love and consciousness. It will also show you clearly that who you are having sex with is actually another part of you. Meditation will show you the changing reality of the mind/body. It brings awareness to the ways that we may identify with this changing mind/body as if it is us. When really, thru Meditation we are reminded and shown who and what we eternally are beyond form, beyond mind. In this way our bodies are relived of tensions and worries. We can surrender more and let go more because we have seen that what we are truly is Love. We feel trust in Life and its ability to care for us. We begin seeing that we are okay no matter what happens. We always have the power to choose how we respond. With love and compassion. Meditation cultivates in us patience, kindness, gentleness and compassion. We develop so much compassion because we sit with our own suffering, the mind and body suffering, we sit and observe this suffering of mind/body identification. This ultimately brings Peace. Because we can see how no matter how strong the suffering we are actually totally okay. It is only mind/body identification. We see that so clearly. And we are free.

Now we can begin to embody who we eternally are into our form. So in this way we become better lovers. Creating greater sex ! Go from head and thinking into body and feeling. Feeling the eternal lover that you are.

I recommend for all beings to take time of at some point and sit a ten day silent meditation course. This will greatly support your daily practice of mindfulness meditation. Also get you jump started into your daily practice. even if it is just 20 minutes it will greatly benefit your life.

Also you become far more energetically picky when it comes to choosing your sexual partners. You will naturally desire to engage sexually with people whom live a lifestyle that is healthy and life giving. Versus engaging in destructive addictive behaviors. You will choose to only connect at the root with beings whom emanate peace, love and compassion.

In this way your sex is greater. Because you absorb the energy of peace, love and compassion as you have sex with a peaceful being. And you attract more easily to you, the peaceful beings, as you practice daily meditation and mindful breathing.

Step 2 : Movement and Exercise

Movement and exercise gives you Life energy ! It makes your body more naturally energized and makes all your muscles stronger. Your heart is happy and your immune system stronger. Movement in all forms such as yoga, gymnastics, qigong, cardio, running, shaking, dancing. It’s all greatly going to benefit your sex life when practiced on a regular basis. At least 3 times/week. I would recommend 5 days/week. And on your rest days at least some form of stretching and or gently yoga practice. This keeps your body open, soft, strong and flexible. This makes all sexual activity fun exciting and more playful because you feel strong light and powerful in your body.

Exercise also greatly boosts desire, arousal and satisfaction. It is like a natural viagra for men and women. Exercise increases testosterone levels and blood flow leading to greater sexual function.

A regular movement and exercise practice will greatly boost your self confidence and sexy feelings. In turn making you more connected to your beautiful body and turned on. Resulting in Much Better sex !

Step 3 : Food Choices

The material food and non material food we eat every day are very important to our vital health level. If we eat sugary wheat pastries and big black coffee every day it will have one result versus eating a fruit bowl with homemade granola every day. A man or women that eats lots of processed food as well as eats the food of stress and worry is usually not going to be the best at experiencing great sex. The food we eat every day does have an affect on our mind, body and feeling of connection. One food can either support the feeling of connection and love and the other can reduce the feeling of those things. Its always of course here, we cannot get away from who we really are, yet some food choices supports us in feeling INCREDIBLE and AMAZING. This creates the experience of feeling really aligned with who we are. Because we are amazing and we are incredible. We are SO SO much LOVE ! Some foods are like material love. Others are like irritability or tension. Whole foods. Simple foods. Hydration. Thoughts in alignment with Love Truth and God. Thoughts are also a sort of food that we are consuming. Make sure they are in alignment with You. The food we eat can either assist us in feeling Alive and strong or tired and heavy. It can light up our mind or make us feel foggy. Please be mindful of how you feel when you eat, and prioritize feeling amazing, because you are worth it.

When we are powerful enough to choose wise food choices we automatically get more in tune and connected to our bodies. Making us feel more turned on and in turn creates greater sex. Also the food we eat can either clog us up or cleanse us out. Digestive ease is a big support in having great sex. The fact that we are able to eliminate waste easefully makes sex Great! I personally love raw fresh vegan whole foods. Or powerful raw fatty foods such as cultured nut and seed yoghurts, coconuts and avocados.

If I choose to eat more fruit based high carbs I prefer to eat less fat to support proper digestion. Sugary diets go best with no fat, it helps BIG time for elimination and proper digestion.

If I choose to eat high fat raw vegan I prefer and choose to eat no sugar at all. If anything maybe just a tiny bit. Like 1 banana total a day if any. The reason why is I have seen how fat and sugar don’t mix well in my body. Yes I can do it and I still feel pretty amazing. Yet when I choose one or the other, fat or sugar. That is next level energy and clarity. Both feel really good to me and both support me in feeling at my best. But I have to choose one or the other.

Of course I am not always following this, yet I know that for me to experience greater sex this is one way that supports that to happen. Its already really good eating just anything vegan plant based, but taking it to this level of choosing fat or sugar… yeah, its NEXT level for sure.

Every body is different, yet always eating a whole foods Organic diet I would say is best. More whole foods less processed more fresh vibrant foods with life and nutrients ! Yes and cheers to that for greater sex !

Step 4 : Authenticity, honesty and open communication

Beginning the journey of looking at ourselves, looking and seeing ourselves and our tendencies. Being open and willing to see our conditioning and programming and being willing to accept, love and extend compassion to these parts. Compassion for our humanness. Being honest about our fears, traumas and challenges. When it comes to finding the right partner for great sex, see if you can be authentic honest and open with him/her.

This is a great sign that will indicate if you will have a good sexual experience. Because nothing compares to sex where two people have been able to be real honest and open with one another versus withhold and hide some aspects of oneself out of fear. It is liberating to reveal all to another. This opens us up to more of each other resulting in deeper pleasure and greater sex. Because we have been seen in our challenges and pain. We have been honest and communicated clearly about our sexual desires and sexual past pain and traumas. This creates sex with greater depth, more openness energetically and more space to give and receive this powerful sexual energy and love. This Life force that is Sexual energy.

Step 5: Playfulness and Self loving

Return to innocence ! Realize you can play in the kingdom of Heaven again. Because you are and have always been a child of God. Playfulness is one of the best ingredients to great sex. As adults we may become very serious and overthink things. Get caught up in the illusion of lack and some belief in future fullfillment and completion. Really all we have been looking for is right here. We can relax and enjoy now ! Not later. There is NO later. Just enjoy yourself. Remember to stop and smell the roses. To take time to dance, laugh, play and be silly. If you catch yourself being too serious and concerned about everything, I say check yourself ! Realize the Truth of Love! Yes. Embrace the challenges, the dark. Yet also, be willing to laugh at it all. Because you know what ? Its a BIG cosmic joke ! all of this. Even the deepest pain and suffering. Within my pain and my suffering there is laughter. Because I can remember the Playful essence energy of who I am. At times I get caught up in jealousy and fear of abandonment, in the moment it is the deepest pain I ever experienced ! I feel so overwhelmed by these emotions. Yet, because I Practice self Loving and Know I AM Love. I am somehow, able to move thru these states with peace and ease. Truly being willing to go deep into it, the pain, and love it. Is Powerful. When we do this deep practice. We can go deeply into our childlike free happy self and PLAY! When we allow ourselves to cry scream and express our pain we can allow ourselves to play laugh sing dance and be so super joyous and happy ! A child is playful and free. Because he or she is fully allowing whatever is to be. This way we can return to our natural playful nature. This playful energy is life giving. It makes Sex Great because who does not love to play, nibble and roll around with another naked being while both are receiving so much pleasure love and happy vibrations.

Self Loving is so so crucial. Meaning loving oneself in all these ways iv’e just listed. By meditating, by eating high quality healthy foods, by exercise and movement. By being courageous enough to speak ones truth, to be honest open and communicate what is alive for one self. Self Love is the number one ingredient for great sex. Self love.

To me it looks like having my thoughts and view be in alignment with the view of Love. (Who I eternally am)

To me it looks like honoring the body by consciously and mindfully eating. To me it looks like slowing down and getting into nature. To me Self Love looks like taking time to be in the ocean, taking time to just simply yet powerfully be. Self love is Trusting and knowing that we are the creators of this reality and world. So we stand strong in our embodied Love self and create from the space of who we are. Cannot go wrong when we create and move from Love. From the space of connection to everything and everyone.

I Love you. I am excited for all the great sex you may and may not have. Either way. This is also all really wonderful practices to simply make life a LOT more wonderful and magical. Heaven on Earth.

Photo is by amazing artist Robyn Chance.