I’ve Lived in a state of Abundance all my life.

Have I always been Aligned with the infinite stream of Abundance and well being ?
No. Its always been with me though. State of Abundance is ours! We choose if we want to Align with it or not.

Are we ready to get Aligned ? Are we ready to Give and Receive in the most amazing magical ways ? Yeah. Its about time.

So, how to get Aligned ? What does that process look like for me ?

It begins with doing what I love everyday. Exercise, shake, meditate. Share and express myself.

It looks like really tuning into what truly excites me.

What when I tune into it makes me feel exhilarated, really alive and excited ?

Whatever that is, take action towards that. That is living in alignment.

Sometimes I’m excited to just allow myself to rest with complete feeling of Love and Gratitude that I am able to give my body/mind rest when it needs it. That feels so Abundant.

To get into alignment also begins with becoming very aware of your thoughts, beliefs and stories. To be very aware of what is really going on in the mind. Is there a belief that is limiting ? That is in conflict with what you truly desire ? Take a look, its always very honest and clear when you take a pure clear look at what is going on.

By beginning the practice of pure observation meditation everyday you begin to see that none of it is actually real. Yet something, believes it is. Only Infinite Love is actually real. This one truly begins to see. On a very deep level. Who we truly are. We are beyond body and mind. We are the most powerful thing there is. The creator ! Infinite creator.

While you are observing and becoming aware of your thoughts :
If you find a recurring thought pattern that is keeping you from taking an action step towards what you desire then I suggest you write that belief down. Put it out there more. See it for what it really is.
Your created thought. Why think something limiting when you can think something empowering ? Maybe we have been conditioned by the way we grew up or how society and movies portray things. Become aware of that too. Really set an intention to Clearly see what is up.
Check your thoughts stories and beliefs. Trace them back to where they may have first begun. Get clear on how you have been conditioned to see things in certain ways.
Realize you have the power to change. You have the power to choose a new way of thinking seeing and and what you believe. A new perception. You are the story teller. Forms and objects move according to the story you are telling or what you are believening.

To get into Alignment also begins with realizing that you are worthy of truly feeling and experiencing your true pure desire. You Deserve to have it all and more ! You Rising and Shining is what the whole Universe wants. Life sings and celebrates when you Love and feel your own Inherent Worth.

Realizing you cannot do wrong. Realizing that even the worst case scenario, is something you could handle if it were to happen.
Realize how strong and resilient you actually are and that everything that happens to you. Is happening for your growth and expansion into the greater stronger you. Always. Realize that everything in your universe wants what is best for you. Everything actually is really loving you. Even the stuff you may say “well hey this shit is hating me and hurting me”.

That “shit” is actually loving you. You know why ? Its showing you where you can choose love again, choose compassion again. Its showing you something about yourself and your life that you are being invited to change. Universe Life would never give you something it knew you could not rise higher from. You are forever expanding as the infinite love that we all are. Being in Alignment more and more helps us feel that infinite expansion happening. Gives us the same thoughts that are in alignment with who we are. Infinite Love and everlasting bliss.

So whatever you love to do. Do it. Whatever you love to feel. Feel it. Gratitude and Appreciation for every little thing. Yes. This is Abundant Living. Gratitude for the lessons. The Teaching of Life. Its not happening to us. Its happening FOR us. Its all for us to rise higher. Its all being done for us to forever and always come back to choosing Truth Unconditional Love and Power.

Embody the powerful Creators that we are. We are Abundant. Tap into the Abundant stream every day thru the actions that you know will take you there. Create express. Move beyond the fear and limiting beliefs. See its all just a creation from the mind. Its not even real! Its not. Prove it by doing everything you most wanna do even if it scares the shit out of some part of you. You will see, that part of you is just made up created ego. Haha. Not who you really are. You are the power. The Queen or King. The God or Goddess. You are Shining and You will Shine forever. You will share your excitements and Joy with the world. You will light up the world by being You!

Getting into alignment:
Eat Healthy
Drink plenty pure clean water
Get proper rest
Be around people who really want what is best for you who inspire you
Get outside into nature everyday
Exercise and shake daily
Meditate daily
Write down you Gratitude and appreciation
Breath deeply and relax
Sing dance Move !
Take time for You and self nurturing.
Read inspiring books or listen to inspiring videos
Purely see. Cleary. The truth in This moment.
Only Thing That is actually Real. Is LOVE. Everything else is made up by mind. Even your body. Made up. You are Only Love.
We are all Love. Embody. Live. Who You are.