Cashew Coconut Dream Energy Bar Recipe! 
2 cups Cashews

¾ Coconut manna

2 cups Dates

0.5 cups Cacao powder

1 scoop Garden Of Life Vanilla Raw Organic Protein Powder

2 Table Spoons Coconut Nectar

1 tea spoon Himalayan Pink Salt

I also added CBD oil in this. Did not measure exactly how much just a good amount to feel it energetically.

If you Love CBD oil as much as me then go ahead and add it to the mixture.

Add all these ingredients into the Food processor and mix until it’s all sticking together and all pieces have been broken down. 

All One Basically. All the ingredients dissolved into Love with One another 😉

Then place in a Pan. I used a lasagna pan. You wanna use something that can help cut them into an energy bar shape. Or of course, you can just make round balls as well. Whatever makes you happy !

Let the treat cool down in the freezer for an hour, then serve and enjoy straight out the freezer or allow them to sit out and enjoy room temperature. Both ways are Super delicious !