When we are connected to ourselves we know what we need. We know what we need and we know how to live. It’s all about connection.

We are bombarded with so much information right now, we don’t need anymore information, we don’t really need another course to get ourselves distracted into another idea.

What we need is wisdom and connection.

Ask yourself this question: am I living in a way where I am valuing taking time to get into the space of self connection everyday ? Am I living mindfully enough to feel connected in each moment to something greater then myself ? Am I doing each task with mindfulness and gratitude ?

Or am I already in the next place? when I am still doing the dishes ? Can I be in the moment and mindfully wash each dish as if it is my life’s purpose to do so ?

This my friends, this way of living, is richness. It all begins now. Living it now. Mindfulness is the answer. Because when we are mindful in each thing we do, when we are present in each moment with every person we meet. When we are not going anywhere, when our mind is not busy going someplace else in the future for more satisfaction or fulfillment. When we land here, in this moment, as if it is everything. Then we begin seeing the richness of all of it. The Abundance, the love, the peace. That is already here now.

Be, feel so satisfied with this moment. No matter what is appearing to be happening, we can, thru being present see thru the first layer of it and see it goes way deeper then just the physical eyes. We see it is infinite layers of beingness here. We see it’s all not as real as we may make it out to be. This human world reality.

We can choose to be presence, be mindful, versus being caught in the minds pulls towards attaining this and that. Success, whatever the mind labels and says is success. It will chase that, go towards it as if it actually means something. It’s all very meaningless.

Have you ever been doing something, like pursued something, like a career or a certain level of success in the world ?

Have you ever wanted to be super fit, super wealthy, super popular ? Have you ever gotten caught in the trap of thinking that you are better if you have 500,000 subscribers versus 10 subscribers on youtube ? haha ! Have you ever been really excited when people like and comment on your photos and pictures?

Who I think I am has wanted all these things. Money, super fit healthy body, success, recognition, popularity.

Yet anytime I actually get caught in going towards these things, I end up wanting to burn it all up. Like I recognize the emptiness of it all. The meaninglessness. It’s SO fucking empty and meaningless. SO Listen. If it’s not making you feel peace, harmony, love, Joy and Connection. Then fucking stop it. Stop the egos mad fucking running around looking constantly for more, more and more. This moment here is never enough for the ego that wants more money, more power, more recognition, attention and praise.

Maybe not everybody wants peace. Maybe not everybody wants to drop it all. Maybe not everybody wants to face this void and space of complete emptiness.

I recognize apart of me that resists this as well at times. Yet it’s the only way. It’s the way home. The only path I choose to walk now. I’m not ever going to be fulfilled with worldly successes, money, popularity, likes, subscribers. The one that gets an instant rush of energy and excitement from a like or another subscriber is not who I am.

Honestly, when I am caught in that, I always see this image, of it all just burning up. Everything, the youtube channel, the website, the pictures, the body. I am lighting it all up, burning it up. Everything including the image I associate with me. You know the blonde women you see on facebook whom also is appearing on pictures on this website. Haha. Yes. I burn that image up. I burn up the whole “world”. What remains is me…

There is this peaceful feeling that comes from saying fuck it. To it all. Fuck the money, fuck false sense of security, fuck fake impermanent happiness and joy. Fuck the striving and going somewhere. It’s not gonna ever happen. Because wherever you go, there you fucking are ! Can we just drop this shit already ? Like how much fucking shadow work does this impermanent person Amanda gotta do before she can step into her fucking power ? Holy fuck it’s like it never ends. Just fucking be it now. Being present makes everything fade away. And you just naturally are it! It is what you are ! From this place inspired action comes. That is so beautiful.

I know, something does not want it to be that easy. For all problems, concerns, traumas and wounds to be gone in an instant. That’s to good to be true. Ego does not like that. But hey, it’s that fucking easy. I know there is this turn on for many to talk discuss and dive deep into things. I have come to a place where I prefer less noise. No noise even. This is where I am heading. In fact, we are all already here. Can you feel that ?

Peace. Quiet. Death.

When I say death. I mean death of everything we thought we were. The stories, the emotions, the feelings, the pain, the troubles, the concerns, the fear. The conditioning, the belief system. The body, the person….

This is all beautiful. I’m not saying it should go away or be different.

I’m saying I am not this. I am the space all this appears in. So anything that arises is apart of me. It is inside me. I am the Divine loving mother that holds space for it all to unfold in whatever way it does.

I am also here to say: Child, you can be at peace now. You are free to be in peace. You are eternally love and loved. You can never die. You are eternal infinite love. All your mind created problems are your choice. Every moment you are free to choose again. What your mind creates on the screen. Yet you are only temporary. So have fun. Do not take it too seriously. It’s fucking fun! Only serious if you believe you are the impermanent.

When you see you are me we can have SO much FUN. I Love you. I am always here. Even when who you think you are dies. I am here. And we are eternally One. Always and forever.