Day 1 Raw Vegan Goddess Transformation

I am feeling really excited and curious how these 21 days will go. I am being mindful to stay present with the process, knowing that right here right now is where I choose to be. In this moment of love. The present moment is so loving when we release our resistance to it.

Now that I have decided to embark upon this 21 day journey of raw vegan transformation I am feeling a new burst of energy and inspiration to share. Not share anything particularly OH WOW or super highly wise! Just share from my human self. Human being sharing her experience. 

I feel called to share more openly about the feelings I have about my body, my struggles that I normally like to hide.

Us women are actually really good at hiding certain parts of our bodies in shame that we are just not beautiful enough. I wanna come out now and share one of my hidings. It is the cellulite on my booty. There I said it. My booty has a bit of cellulite. I feel the first step in making a change is admitting and accepting it. Acknowledging its existence. I also wanna share my insecurity around my skin problems. Many years have I been dealing with it. But it does take many years to actually heal from within, so I am patiently loving myself thru this journey. 

I have not even been wanting to admit that I have cellulite. But I do. I have not been wanting to admit I have skin problems, but I do. 

It is possible to get rid of cellulite with right proper nutrition and exercise. The cellulite comes when I get into the habits of less exercise and movement and more eating huge amounts of yummy vegan cooked foods with lots of fatty things such as coconut meat, avocado and tahini. Also a bunch of yummy vegan restaurant foods such as the Jackfruit tacos ! mmMmmMm! This is also when I break out more. When I eat and mix lots of foods. I have noticed. 

The exercise and movement is crucial for a cellulite free body. Also not overeating on fats. Especially cooked heated up fats. 

I am okay with it sure, the little bit of cellulite. Yet I am also not. I choose to empower myself and do something about it. It begins with loving my WHOLE body head to toe. Seeing the beauty in my cellulite. In each and every part of my body. Love it. So this is not about self hatred and body shaming, yet I will admit I still feel shame sometimes to go to the beach in small underwear, just because I have a judgement towards my cellulite as if it is not beautiful. I have to love the part of me that does not think cellulite is beautiful. I have to love that part of me that feels shame. I love it all. 

The TV shows like Top Model when I was younger did not really give me a healthy view of what beauty is. So I see how I have been influenced by that. The beauty of a women goes so deep. It is the energy she brings, the love she vibrates, the wildness she embodies! I am so Grateful to know true beauty. It goes beyond the form. It is more so an energy and a feeling rather some specific look or body type.

I have met so many beautiful gorgeous women, they had cellulite and all the things that some would say is not beautiful, yet they were the most beautiful women ever! I was blessed by being with them and felt their beauty way deeper the just looks. It was a deep beauty that is energetic. It inspires me. I feel most beautiful when I love my insecurities. Love my “flaws”…

Sharing this with the public is not easy, but I am choosing be vulnerable and share my insecurities and welcome you into the parts I would normally not ever share with anyone. I judge that people would most likely say I am silly or that it is first world problems.

Sure, say what you wanna say about it, it is my feelings. Really I see it is all me anyways. I am the one judging me. The judgmental thoughts create the judgements. Not the other people. It is all me creating it with my thoughts! So here I go stepping out. Showing you a part of me I would rather hide. 

I feel this raw vegan transformation is going to be very helpful in my mindset change. To really align my mind with abundance consciousness! Raw vegan Fitness and exercise will help too! It already is. I am already feeling SO damn good! 

If you are interested in joining this transformation in the future. Let me know. 🙂 You can be apart of it too. This is my first time doing anything like this. I am excited and grateful that some people are joining me in this journey.

Eating only liquids today is honestly hard in some moments. My attraction to chewing is coming up ! My cravings are arising for chewing foods. It is ok. I just observe. I can trust I am nourished and how much I am loving my body by giving it a break from chewing.

I am feeling really amazing in my body. My belly and digestive system feels happy. And I have really eating so much nourishing food today too. This is no starvation 21 days. This is nourishment !

This is a warming up for my 3 day actual fast that is coming up at some point during these 21 days.

So these pictures are taken today, day 1 of 21 days of Plant based living fitness exercise transformation !

Stay tuned for daily updates here on my blog and pictures of my journey. Also, on my homepage for this website, be sure to sign up for the love emails !

Okay. Love yah ! BTW.  Every day I am out on da land shaking and getting some sunshine ! I will take pictures every day to share the process! Just for the fun of it!