This day has come to an end it seems. It went by fast yet also it feels like it has been many lifetimes. So many different feelings and emotions. What a journey just one day can be ! Right now I will be honest and share I am really feeling the CBD local tincture kick in, also I am so ready for bedtime snuggles. So I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Todays most pleasurable feelings were sexual ones. I got SO aroused by very expressive and brave women showing up online and in real life. I felt so good! You know I just love the feminine beings. Man do I desire to love up on them. I am one of these women that turns me on too. I am so excited on how easily I can get turned on by just some simple breath and movement. Life force energy best kind of fuel.

Food today was super delicious. Liquid day 2 is going great ! The harder parts will be when I am doing just apple juice and distilled water. Coming up soon though. So I will begin mentally preparing my body and mind for no more food.

The one thing I celebrate about today is my progress on my book. Almost finished just some pictures left to take. Some really fun playful sexy pictures that I have imagined to take for so long ! Soon this dream will come true too! All dreams do come true. I’ve learnt that.