Emotional Nourishment

Our emotions play a big part on how we are showing up and feeling in our day. In our everyday Life we can either be uplifting ourselves into more Joy, Happiness and Bliss. Or we may be discouraging ourselves with thoughts that produce emotions that are just not in alignment with who and what we Truly are. We are an extension of Source energy and We are apart of God. So anytime we do feel an emotion that is not how God and Source feels we feel sad, worried or fearful. This is so Okay. It’s totally okay to not feel okay. Allow all emotions to flow thru you. Feel to Heal. Be honest about how you feel and allow yourself to be seen in your true feelings.
With that being said, what is important is to see how we can actually empower ourselves and take control over how we feel more and more by actually choosing the thoughts we think and by actually choosing how we perceive reality and what is happening around us. If we can control anything, it’s how we respond to anything that is happening in this Life. We can choose what we believe to be true and we can choose what story we wanna tell about how we are and how others are.
Remember that what you believe and what story you tell will become your truth, so personally I would always choose the story and the belief that is in alignment with who I really am, and I am Love. Truly Purely Love.
Yet, this may not be easy at first, especially if we have for many years held onto beliefs that are the opposite of how we (Source) truly feels and sees things. We will have to consciously deliberately make an effort to become aware of our thoughts, actively engage in changing them into being more in alignment with your True Self, Source, Love.
This is a worthwhile thing to do because once we have our thoughts and emotions in alignment with our Source then we are So incredibly nourished by that energy !
It’s a very high energy to be in alignment emotionally with our Source. Feeling the ease Trust and Knowing That You are Capable, you are Worthy, You are everything you need to Succeed and more. You are a Blessing to this world. You are a Gift, you are Safe and allowed to Share the Gift that You are. In fact the whole Universe Celebrates when you open up and allow the infinite wellbeing to flow thru you. This flow becomes possible when we align our emotions to the same emotions as Source, Love, Our True self.
This kind of nourishment is actually the most important over all the nourishments in my opinion. Mind over matter. Our Mind is SO powerful. When we really change our mind, the program we have running, then everything truly does change. The instant manifestation is incredible. It’s a manifestation of a feeling, a feeling that feels SO good. Instantly it raises our energy. We feel better in our body, we ease tension and we smile from just this simple yet SO incredibly powerful shift of just our thoughts and emotions into alignment with the perception of God. Yes. You are God. You are Truth. You are Love.
Emotional Nourishment. It’s so powerful when we give ourselves the nourishment of emotions that are in alignment.
Such as Gratitude, Appreciation, Ease, Peace, Relief, Trust, Knowing, Joy, Excitement, Curiosity, Love, Joy, Playfulness, Openness, Freedom, Bliss, Acceptance, Allowing, Releasing, Expressing, Sharing, Caring, Consideration.
These are all emotions that are available to us. Every moment of our lives. If there is another emotion present that does not feel as good as any of these, see if you can begin to powerfully and consciously choose to tune into something that feels better. Because truth is, You can! You are that powerful. You have the power to shift it all. But you have to be willing to let it go. Release it and free yourself from the bondage that you may have been in. All in your mind. Luckily so. Because if it’s all in your mind, You can make a Change ! Takes some conscious deliberate choosing to do so. May not feel natural at first and may feel forced, but trust me its worth it.