Have you sat down lately, in front of the mirror, really close, to just look at yourself? And I don’t mean look at all the details of your face and judge it or think a bunch of things about it, I mean look into your eyes, while being aware of breath and the movement of your abdomen. This is kind of like a eye gazing meditation with yourself.

This morning after my sun salutation yoga flow, I was going to go sit and meditate with my eyes closed like I usually do, yet something called me to sit down in front of the mirror and gaze into my eyes.

I sat there, took a few deep conscious breaths like I sometimes do when beginning a meditation, and just saw me….

Tears welled up, it was an emotional experience because it was so beautiful, tender, raw, real and intimate, I felt like I could see into me, and what I saw was that beauty that is forever. That beauty that is beyond age or looks. This beauty was felt so deeply in those moments it made me laugh smile and cry..


Then it calmed down and I just sat….sat for several minutes in silence, just feeling breath, and feeling abdomen slightly move as I inhaled and exhaled.

I highly recommend this practice….I sat for a good 30 minutes. What it left me feeling was so much self compassion, gentleness and a feeling of humbleness.

It is also really interesting to do this practice and be aware of how the changing mind is having comments and judgements. For me I was observing some critical thoughts arising, especially in the beginning of the meditation, such as your skin is not smooth enough…
I feel sad because sometimes I take these thoughts and I believe them to be true and it does affect me and how I feel, it affects my level of confidence.

Yet then, thankfully, the pure clear beauty I experience as me is so much more powerful then any of that, and I see it is coming from a mind that is comparing, it is coming only from ego, so not actually me, so its all good!
Not the real me, a changing fleeting me that honestly there is no point in taking seriously. If I listen to this thing, then I will be very up and down, so dramatic, so instead I smile and feel gratitude for this experience and level of awareness to see it clearly for what it is, changing fleeting thoughts, nothing, meaningless, unless I choose to give it power and meaning.

I am the creator, I create the power and meaning of things. So I choose to not give to much power and meaning to thoughts or beliefs that feel really bad, like why would I? Perhaps it would be because of attachment and addiction to suffering and pain?
That could be a reason why humans sometimes do that. Maybe there is built up identity in suffering? See for yourself if you have anything like that built and and begin making new choices now if you so desire. Because you Create it, by your focus and by the meaning you give it, by the energy you give to things.

So anyways, back to the eye gazing meditation, I highly recommend you try it today if you have not in a while or ever tried it. You could do it in silence or with some beautiful music playing, your choice. 15 minutes could be a good time to start.
Let me know how the experience was for you, I would love to hear from you. For now, I love you, and thank you for being here.