We have no control. Of how life unfolds. But, we do have control over our thoughts, actions and words. And truly, our thoughts actions and words do create our reality. They really do. It’s all made up by us. How liberating!

This is a forever important reminder because we live in a world that can and has been very overreactive and quick to cast blame or judgement. I see in my own self where I am in a space of seeing the illusion of separation as real. So I cast blame or judge.
When we cast blame or judge and feel anything other than compassion and love it feels a bit uneasy. It is because, we are not blame or judgement. We are Love and Compassion.

So the experience of feeling inconvenienced by another person is actually feeling inconvenienced by our untrue thoughts of separation. If we were feeling our big whole connection to the universe and all that is to ourSelves then this would not occur.
We would simply smile breathe and keep living from moment to moment in deep gratitude and appreciation for the simple natural goodness of being. Of breathing. Of Feeling. I prefer to be in this space. Live in my heart body and womb. Feel deeply here versus allow my mind to take me on an emotional roller coaster !

When we allow the mind to get overreactive, its like stirring a pot of soup we do not actually desire to eat. But we begin stirring it really fast and adding all kinds of unwanted vegetables into it.

Shoots ! I Prefer to slowly stir a soup of Love and Compassion. Self acknowledgement and acceptance of what is coming up in the moment but not needing to play what is coming up out. Just a simple yet powerful awareness of what is arising.

Instead of something arising and I directly just run that story as if its what I want, I prefer to see it, feel it, and then CHOOSE if that is the reality I want to create more of.

I Hold the keys ! I Choose if I wanna drive down this or that path. Whatever thoughts I continually think will become the path. So right now I have a choice to create what path I do want to drive down or walk.

It takes some deliberate choosing what thought we desire to think and then sticking to it. It takes building anew momentum of what we desire versus what we do not like. Its all about giving our awareness and focus to what we desire. Our Pure Clean Desires. I have Pure clean desires of Love Peace and Harmony. I have desire to self accept and acknowledge all my feelings and emotions, to embrace them, yet I choose to not be run by them. I choose to be run by my Pure Desires. Act upon my pure desires.

Anytime I act on something other then my pure desires I feel it. In my Body. Its beautiful to notice it. And come back. Its a constant state of coming back, its a constant choosing of the highest.

Remembering why we came here, to see thru the illusion of separation and experience the Infinite Abundance of this Universe.
The Infinite possibilities. Our ability to create the world that we desire to see. It begins in this moment, we create only Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now….YES. Now.

We can only ever begin shifting when we first truly DEEPLY Know Trust and Understand that We are the Jedis ! The magicians ! The shape shifters and molders of this reality. Its our world. We choose what kind of world we wanna breathe in and be in.

Step out of victimhood mentality and into empowered Queens and Kings. Rooted in the Center of our Being. This Being Is an Ever expansion of Love. Yes. So catch up, with your beautiful self. And feel ease peace and Harmony Now.

When I say catch up I mean align your thoughts and stories with the thoughts and stories of who You Really Are.

You are the One that can hold space for anything to arise and express. You are the space that embraces and holds all fears and pain. You are not the one that reacts to fear and pain and judges it as wrong. You are the One that holds it. Embraces it. Deeply feels it. You are the one that feels it without any attached story. You are the One that feels without commentary. Just pure feeling. It is Bliss. No matter what the feeling, if we can just purely feel it, without any story or thought about why it is here, yeah, this is Bliss. When all the commentary and stories fade away and we remain.

Thank you to every single human being in my life for helping me see where I still believe we are separate. Where I am holding on to stories I do not actually desire to create more of in this life. Thank You for showing up and creating discomfort in me.
I see now its not about you. Its about me. And me stepping into this new energy that I truly desire. Im being shown Can I do it ?
Am I ready to commit all the way to being and living in My Pure Desires ?. Yes. I feel scared saying it but fucking YES!!!
Its a big yes ! I commit and I choose this.

It takes constant practice moment to moment to remain in what I desire most. In Peace, Bliss, Love, Abundance, Courage, Bravery, Connection, Warmth, Tenderness, Appreciation, Kindness, Care, Empathy and Consideration.

I choose this. I really choose this. All that is not this and not in alignment with Me is going to fall away. Its going to vanish. Thank You for human beings that bring this up for me and trigger the parts of me that still cannot accept and stay in connection. Thank You for Showing me where I can Let go and Release more. Thank You. Deeply Thank you. Thank You for showing me where I a still creating a reality I do not want. Where I am blindly reacting.

I choose to stay in this that I desire and feel is Purely me. Breathe, feel, accept, embrace, acknowledge, release and let go.

And it is not about bypassing our feelings and emotions and pretending we do not feel them or experience them. It is about being willing to drop the created thought or story attached to that feeling and instead just feeling it.
Come back to the power place of your body. Where all you can do is feel. Come hOMe to your body and just feel. No stories. No Thoughts about what is happening. Its just happening.

We create the meaning to people, situations and things. We give the meaning by our thoughts, stories and held onto beliefs.

I choose to Have the mind be in Alignment with my Pure Desires. Basically in alignment with who we all are. This is all I desire for this mind. To think thoughts, tell stores, and believe what we Truly Know is True. That Love is all there is.

There is no separation. Only Love is Real.

Nothing Real can be threatened. Nothing Unreal exists.

We are abundant beings in all aspects of our Life. We have unlimited amount of positive and empowering thoughts.
We can always take action from our Pure desires. Yes we can and Yes we will!