True healing is that you can always be in alignment with yourself and always be in Bliss.

Prioritize how You Feel.

Feeling good is your birth right!

Happiness and Joy is your Number one priority.

It is because these states are in alignment with who you really are. The infinite love creator.

You can feel joy and happiness no matter what is happening for you in your moment.

There can be bliss even with the presence of sadness and fear. The reason we feel bliss is because we know who we infinitely are while sadness or fear is present. These states can flow thru.

We always know who we are Now. We are the infinite Bliss. Bliss can be in every moment because we are it.

Gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life right now will bring you into the space of clearly seeing knowing feeling who you are.

You can be aware of ego changing thoughts and be aware of the belief that you are that. The changing.

Awareness is everything. The fact that you are aware of the clinging and identifying with the changing is everything.

It’s so ok. Just remember know who you are. Infinite love. Infinite Love ♥️

There may be the mistake of seeing and thinking you are the body you are aware of. This is a spark of you yes. An extension of you. You move speak act thru this body yet it’s not totally you.

Because you are everything. You are the women and the man. You are just One. I am you. You are me. We are the same energy. Vibrating at different frequencies.