It is with a bit of sadness I journal today, we are leaving paradise for another paradise, yet as we are getting closer to leaving, I cant help but feel the emotions of sadness and gratitude at the same time. This has been the most amazing place to call home, Big Island will always be home. I have always felt so welcomed and embraced by this island.

When I first arrived 4,5 years ago I went straight to the Hawaii Dhamma farm where I stayed for 4 years. When lava completely covered it, in an instant I had a new home. The people here at this land are so loving and kind, I feel we are such a great match and vibe so well. At 10:30 PM I arrived here shortly after the big earthquake had happened and the lava was still flowing strong in Pahoa. I had no idea it would be my new Sanctuary and home. I came right at the beginning of lychee season so I was blessed with the opportunity to spend lots of time up in the trees. This was so perfect for me because I needed something to stay focused on and keep myself a bit distracted from feeling what a big massive change I had went thru. So I was grateful to stay busy and pick fruits, of course eat a lot too!

The dream came true when the love of my life, my Soul Mate, Wayne, came and joined me here at Ono Gardens. I did not think Wayne would come join me here because the air was so poor from the lava flowing and producing fumes. He did though, and I see this as a incredibly blessed experience, we picked fruits together, made love in our sweet tent residence often, learned a lot about our love and our relationship. I Learned that I trust it and I choose this kind of love.

It has been amazing to live here, the sunrise from bed, the sounds of nature, the cool breeze from Mauna Kea. I really feel so incredibly GRATEFUL! The people here touch my heart so deeply. Brings tears to my eyes to feel their love and sweetness.

We leave for Kauai early AM tomorrow, a new island I have yet to experience fully. I was so young at the time I was there so now the whole experience will be new. Fresh and new. White sandy beaches. Wow.

I feel excited, eager to what is ahead of us. I feel called to create more beautiful videos of nature and the surroundings I am in. It truly is heaven everywhere I go. Because when we are present in the here and now, then we are always experiencing heaven. Heaven is here, when the mind is clear.

What have I learned while being here? 

I have learned the nourishing aspects of sunshine and bare feet on the earth. I have learned that us humans are meant to be outside more with our bare feet. I have learned that if you work a little with mama earth she gives a lot back in return. I have learned how much I love getting sunshine on all parts of my body especially my pussy, butt and chest! I have learned the richness of community, the love of humans. The goodness that lives within each human being no matter how they are seemingly acting, they are good and beautiful inside and I choose to feel their goodness and beauty that I know resides inside them. I have learned to appreciate the simple yet powerful nature that is all around me. I have learned to love myself more by relaxing deeper and taking rest when I am tired. I have learned that life IS perfect. That we are safe to be express and share however we want to.

Big Island, I love you. Mahalo. From the deepest part of me. Thank you.