The food I eat effect my mental health big time, the health of my gut microbiome is crucial for me to think clearly and actually live in the truth of reality vs in stories and  past pain and traumas. 

If I think for a moment that it does not matter what I eat, well I tell ya, I’m wrong. 

So this is not the case always of course, but if Im already struggling with my mental health then definitely to take a more conscious look at what Im allowing to come into my body, what I am eating, is very very important if I actually want to feel better mentally. I take mental health very seriously, its no joke having poor mental health, many people because of their mental health are put on serious medication and drugs, also many commit suicide….This is heart breaking. 

I have seen that there are a few ways I def can contribute to myself having very poor mental health. Some of the activities that contribute to it for me is this: Overeating, lack of sleep and then trying to supplement lack of sleep with caffeine, eating heavy greasy foods not made by me, from for example a hot food bar, eating processed sugary things or heavy foods on a regular basis, scrolling mindlessly on social media, over consuming information of any kind, listening to much to others opinions vs feeling my own deeper truth in the moment, regular coffee consumption, (every now and then is ok but daily even just for 3 days in a row and I’m loosing it in a very scary way), short lived clitorial orgasms, not honoring my no and not speaking my truth, being in my unconscious people pleasing mode….

So these are the ways I myself contribute to feeling like shit mentally, I take full ownership in that I am the one responsible for me feeling bad, I am also responsible for myself feeling really fucking epic and amazing, I have the power to create feeling shitty or to create feeling fucking epic! 

Sometimes I have noticed the part of me that likes the pain and destruction, some part that is still romanticizing pain and suffering, this is okay, yet what’s not ok in this is if I actually start to make myself out to be a victim, as if I have no control in how my life unfolds. 

I have so much power, I have choice, I have free will, I get to choose what I give my time and energy to in one day, yet funny sometimes it feels like I don’t have a choice, sometimes I don’t feel free, I feel deeply burdened and like a victim to my overthinking mind and addictive personality. I feel humbled to share this, but its true y’all, I still have some of these addictive tendencies. No longer is it alcohol drugs and sex, now it’s more like heavy foods, drama and caffeine. 

Im not saying all this to bring myself down, Im speaking this because it’s actually really freeing to own it more, to be shameless in exposing and revealing all of me. 

If I hide nothing from the world I feel free, If I let you see all of me without being afraid of your judgements of me, I feel free. Anyways anyone who judges the person is not anyways judging “Me”. Only thing that ever judges is a person towards another person, so beautiful and innocent really. 

So mental health, its so fucking crucial to prioritize, what I focus on I notice becomes more, so as much as I love the shadow work and feeling the pain and the hurt, I also recognize there needs to be a beautiful balance, because even shadow work can become a distraction and a pulling us away from the truth of the moment. 

Im a really fucking amazing human being, but the last few weeks have been showing me the places where I am not, I am a really beautiful human too, yet the last few weeks have shown me some very ugly sides, Im a very happy strong powerful being, yet I’ve also seen how I am also weak and deeply grieving. 

This is such beautiful proof that I am everything, also nothing. This is also showing me that if I identify with anything, like for example being beautiful, that also means I can be the opposite of that, any self image I hold about myself will only create a problem if I don’t live up to it, and that’s a great recipe for suffering and pain. 

So let me tall you all something, Im a little bit of everything, all rolled into one!!! Haha 😀 Had to bring in the Alan’s Morisette song 😉 

Now before I end this post, let me list some of the ways I contribute to myself having epic amazing mental health: 

I go to sleep before 10 PM

I take naps and do yoga Nidra almost daily 

I hydrate myself with mineral rich liquids – bitter green juices, coconut water etc

I practice sex magic and circulation of my sexual energy, breath work during self pleasure or sex

I eat the size of my fist, I eat slowly and with so much gratitude, in silence

I write, create videos, sing songs and play my ukulele 

I move my body with daily walks, yoga and dancing

I speak up and reveal my naked truth! 

I work out and activate my muscles and get myself breathing deeper! 

I get sunshine on my whole body, anus and yoni on a regular daily basis if possible! Even just 10 minutes on both sides will do. 

I take saunas and get into water on a regular basis. 

I listen to amazing audiobooks such a Radical Acceptance, The Untethered Soul or Conversations With God.

I fast once a week on a regular basis. 

I go outside, smile and say hey to strangers, I go do something new and fun or outside my normal routine.

I call and talk to really beautiful wise friends…..

This and so much more! Infinite ways to improve out mental health! Honestly a dopamine fast is long due for me. No food internet or social interactions for a few days at least! Yeah Ive heard great things on that. 

Okay that’s all for me today, appreciate you reading, please do share your mental health hacks, we could all benefit from one another’s support.