Momentum is generally used to mean increasing forward motion. A boulder rolling down a hill gains momentum. So does a great idea, a team on a winning streak, or the economy. … Used figuratively, momentum implies that, like a boulder rolling down a hill, something with momentum will continue moving forward on its own.

If you could choose, Would you choose to see the ball of Love, Peace, Bliss, Compassion get bigger ? Or the ball of judgement, worry, doubt, fear, anger ?

My answer is the love ball. I choose that one to get BIGGER! So what can we do to make it bigger ? Build a momentum. It is guaranteed to get bigger when we deliberately choose to make it so. We hold then power to make it as big or small as we wish.

I am feeling and realizing the power of building momentum of what we desire most in our lives. This is how reality in the 3D dimension works. If we build momentum of anything it will show itself in the physical, eventually.
So whatever you desire and wish to see become physical. Think, feel and act upon that. Live as if you already have it. Feel your preferred outcome now and live as if it is real Now. This is building a momentum of just that. The preferred outcome. It will come. It will come.

So check yourself and see where you are still in conflict with your preferred momentum. Meaning see where you are still holding on to thoughts, beliefs or stories that go against your preferred momentum, your preferred outcome. If You realize Now how powerful you actually are.
That you create this world by your outlook, view, perception and beliefs. You can begin taking empowering steps to change the world you see into the world you desire most. It can be anything You desire. So use you imagination to really feel what world you choose. And then, from there, think it, feel it and see it in your minds eye. Create this inner belief of what the world is like.

I create a Peaceful world. Where we are all Abundant, rich and all our needs are cared for in amazing fun exciting ways! Where we communicate openly and honestly. Where we can do what we love the most and get paid for doing it.

That last one, getting paid for doing what we love most. That is one I am fine tuning right now. I am more and more stepping into this truth that I can do it. That I am worthy of this. That I have a lot to offer. That My Gifts are precious.
That I am allowed to feel, think and believe that I am fucking awesome. Or at least that I am allowed to really believe in myself. I Honestly really do believe in myself and my ability to create abundance. Self Love and self care is so important for this to ever unfold. The moment to moment practice of self loving thoughts, feelings and actions. The moment to moment practice of allowing. Allowing whatever wants to express and play out to do so. Maybe its a nap or maybe its starting taking the steps towards creating a dream program for people. A perfect program that I myself would love to attend and be apart of. A program that I would Buy! Maybe its starting that process. That feels so fun ! Cacao, meditation, CBD, naked dancing and reflections. Exercise and recipes. Yeah. Yes. Its happening.

So how can we build momentum ? Well, commit all the way to what you desire. Get married to your most purest desires. Im not talking ego desires. Im talking Soul, Spirit, Source, God, Love Desires. No matter what happens outside you. Choose to build a new momentum of what you actually desire.

So Instead of thinking about everything you dislike or everything that you wish would go away, think about what you really want to see. No matter how fucked up it is in your reality. Choose to go the magician way and rise above it and live in what you prefer to be true. This is a magical world that we can shape and mold. Realize you can shape it. You are powerful. You are not a victim. You have the choice. To choose how you respond. How you think, feel and what you believe. How you act.

Do you really desire Love and Bliss ? Well then, if you do, its yours ! Feel it now no matter what. Stop the thoughts that are keeping you in suffering and victimhood.

By all means, always embrace your feelings when they arise. But just remember to not dwell in them. Feel them heal them and release them. Learn from them, grow from them. See them as powerful teachers. See your judgements and critical thoughts as teachers showing you where you could align a little more to your true most loving self.

So first step is. You gotta really want it. You actually gotta really want it because once you go towards it all that other stuff that is not what you want will fall away. This may be a painful process because maybe we have identified with these things for some time, or long time. Maybe we believe that makes up who we are and now its falling away. The suffering the misery the victimhood. Its gonna go… Who are we ? When this shit goes ?

Love. Spaciousness. Freedom. Openness. Peace. Bliss. Who we always have been and always will be.