Aloha !
I wanted to express my love for the amazing sweetener Monk Fruit ! When Making my sweet decadent Raw Cacao CBD Treats I always wish to use ingredients that are going to support the bodies natural ability to Thrive and feel amazing !
I do know that these days many people tend to have a strong reaction to overly sugary things. Its not the sweetness we have a problem with, its the overly stimulation affect of processed sugars. They raise the blood sugar and can make the body be overly stimulated creating a feeling of anxiousness or restlessness. We have all seen what to much sugar can do to a little child. Its like a strong drug affect. Now Im of course talking about processed sugar not natural sugar found in fruit.

Even sugars like coconut palm sugar I find tend to be a bit to strong and create a bit to much of reaction for the body. I prefer to consume foods that are going to be more nourishing in the long run and give a longer lasting sustained energy.

Monk Fruit is perfect for this. It is Sweet with nutrients minus the raising of the blood glucose levels. It also has zero calories and carbs. Yet it tastes amazing and so sweet !

So to make my chocolates as available as possible to a wider audience I choose to use sweeteners such as monk fruit, dates, mesquite and stevia versus coconut palm sugar or any other sugar. Because then people who are sensitive to sugars can also enjoy the yummy sweetness without the spiked blood sugars. I Believe Treats these days can be made as Powerful Medicinal Food.
The dessert or sweet experience can be really nourishing and good for you.

This is why I love to create as I do. Not sacrificing the quality, instead choosing the best most preferred ingredients. Organic, Raw and Activated with Nutrients !