Orgasm. Its such an amazing experience. Wow Thank you for the experience of having an orgasm and sharing it with a human being that is such a deeply nourishing energy to connect with. So Sweet, sexy, strong, powerful, kind, gentle, present, caring, loving fun and authentic.
Its incredible to share such powerful energy of orgasm with such a wonderful being and I am Grateful to be able to have such an experience. Yet, at the same time, we choose not to. We say Thank You I Love You, But No Thank You 😀

Why say no Thank You to the thing that everyone talks about and raves about ? To the thing that feels SO SO SOOOO Good !

Well, the orgasm has an affect on the body/mind and mood. I Believe it is a very beneficial thing to have an orgasm sometimes, I mean just sometimes.
Like not completely dismiss it. But instead of regularly having an orgasm instead only having one when it seems like it is actually going to be really helpful and it is truly needed for relieving some serious tensions or releasing some energy.

I Personally feel like the pleasure and wellbeing of an orgasm is so short, if we compare it to the pleasure of instead circulating and keeping the sexual energy within our body.

No Orgasm does not mean no sex or Love making. It means making love in a way where we are not chasing orgasm. No end goal. It means slowing way down and choosing to breathe and circulate energy when it gets to hot versus run towards it. No orgasm is in the long run far more pleasurable in my experience. Because I feel so much nourishing energizing sexual energy running thru my body when I have not released it by having an orgasm.

No Orgasm Love making is filled with pleasure and presence. Awareness and equanimity. Just moving connecting and sharing powerful sexual energy together. Circulating it all in our body. Into our heart up to the third eye down to our belly and toes. All Over. Really appreciating each others body, each others smell, moans, touch, caress, energy and breathing.

Orgasm can lead to people chasing orgasm. Craving orgasm. This in an unbalanced mind. Do we really wanna make love and be chasing this future pleasurable experience ? The Pleasure is right here. In the moment, feeling your partner deeply inside you deeply connected to him and being present with what you are feeling in your body. Breathing. Feeling. Being in Bliss together. Cultivating more love more powerful sexual nourishing energy between the two of you. After a love making like that you still feel so connected. Because energy is still there and SO alive. It keeps circulating and giving you feelings of pleasure even when you are not making love. Its like being penetrated and touched by an energy that you kept versus released with orgasm.

Many people feel done after orgasm. Like they can go to sleep or do something else. Also sometime less interest in their partner.
With non orgasm love making you can go all night and you will still feel up for it even after a long time because the energy is there. You choose when to stop. When ending a non orgasm love making session its so amazing to lay close together for sometime and just breathe and feel each other and our own bodies. Feel that power. That nourishment. That alive fresh and creative force of sexual energy. The sleep you may go into then is not because of energy having been released its because of feeling such bliss your body can deeply deeply relax into a great powerful Love energy. You feel connected. In Love. With everything. All of Life. Especially connected to your partner.

So we are on day 8 of our no orgasm for 30 days. Grateful for the experience. In meditation I noticed how amazing I feel in my body. How much sexual energy I feel. Just so Alive. I don’t need to be sexual with someone just because I feel sexual energy. I can utilize it and circulate it all in my body. See it as the nourishing food that it is. Just like sunlight and fresh air. Sexual energy is sooo nourishing for our body. Especially when we have a balanced mind. Not reacting to it all all the time. Needing to do something about it. We can just feel it. Engage when we choose.

Its kinda like you begin feeling like you are making love all the time. Like you are being penetrated by God in every moment. Thats what No orgasm can lead to for me.
Of course, we all truly know, the truth is we are God in each moment. We are Love in each moment. We cant ever get away from this truth. No matter what we think or believe, the truth is always this. Only Love is Real. God is all there is. Everything is God. Everything is Love. No matter how we or “others” express. Its all the Divine. There is no actual separation. No matter what it looks like. Its just an illusion. There is no separation……

Oneness. Rest in this and feel Full complete Trust. That all is working out. Everything is as it should. We are all okay no matter what the fuck happens to “us”. All temporary. Its all changing. Enjoy the experience. I Love you.

I will go play now. Over and out !