This presence, this moment, we are all worthy of it.

If you find yourself overthinking, in doubt or overly questioning yourself, if you feel worry or any type of concern…Know that in this moment you can give it all up to Love, to God, to Life, to Source, to the Creator, you can unburden yourself by giving all up, let the weight off you, you don’t need to hold it all, Love can hold it, God can hold it. In the moment of you giving it up to let Love hold it for you you may see how easily it vanishes and dissolves into nothing. 

It’s all unnecessary. 

Only thoughts of love relief and ease are important now, these thoughts that make you feel inner peace and love are what matter and are what we will leave space for. 

Anything else in the moment that Love holds it will instantly dissolve and make be gone. 

How easy is this, we just have to give it to God and God takes care of it, God, aka Love, Love aka God, God aka the Creator and Source. This higher power, higher Self, who we truly are, the infinite eternal self will make the bullshit and noise vanish in an instant. 

This is the power of who we really are. 

We all deserve to walk the streets at night looking up at the night sky, feeling the warm breeze, watching the trees dance with the wind, feeling the love from our beloved next to us, we all deserve to fully and truly be in that moment, knowing nothing else exists but this eternal present moment. This is all we ever got. Now Now Now Now Now Now……Always Now. Master living here, this is living in truth vs illusions. All false identities will die here, a huge shedding happens here, freedom and liberation happens right here, right now.