Today I for the first time ever allowed myself to experience an oming session, I had felt scared and resistant to asking my partner Wayne to do it with me, funny and strange as he is my partner, I still felt so vulnerable to do a session like this with him, and its like why? I have had wild sex with him multiple times already, and deep vulnerable tears running down my face sex too. Yet I noticed my ego resistant to doing it with him, to allowing him to see me in such a vulnerable place, the ego that is always on guard and protecting me from illusions created in the mind.

Yet in my life, usually when I notice this kind of resistance, it is a sign that I need to do it, I need to jump in and do it.

So I did, released my fears of being seen in whatever was going to arise for me in the session, I welcomed any experience and just told myself that whatever it is, whatever comes up, I will love it, I will stay present with my sensations and be aware of breathing deep and continue to open to the experience, just breathe and keep opening.

I’ve received yoni massage before and sacred spot massage, but never an actual Oming session, its quite specific actually.

What is orgasmic meditation – Oming?

Orgasmic meditation (or “OM” as its loving, loyal community members call it) is a unique wellness practice that combines mindfulness, touching and pleasure.

For the uninitiated, it’s a partnered experience of stroking around the clitoris for 15 minutes, with only one goal: let go and feel.

In the beginning of the journey I felt very safe, held and supported by Wayne, he embraces all of me so well, I felt his presence and depth so deeply in this session, especially in the beginning for me it meant the world to me how he showed up as I was a bit nervous and behaving a bit goofy, he was just there with me, present in his own body, I could feel that, and that is such an important quality if I am going to do anything like this with another man, that I feel him present, if I do not feel presence, I cannot allow touch or anything to happen, it also helps me to drop in deeply to be present with my body and my breath, to surrender into deep feeling and opening.

This Oming experience was powerful, I told Wayne at times to give more pressure, faster then slower, I had fun exploring how I wanted the touch, yet also I was very interested in staying in one place, and going really deeply into feeling what was there when we stayed in one place for sometime.

I am very proud of myself for seeing how confident and unafraid I have become when it comes to speaking up and stating what I want in situations like this, versus just laying back and taking it, I feel communication and using our voices is SO important if we are going to be in experiences like this with others, very important to feel safe is to know how to speak up and use your voice, otherwise you may go along with something that does not feel good and later feel traumatized and icky…

Luckliy those days are ending as the feminine and masculine are both learning how to feel their bodies, know their boundaries and speak their truth in sex and in life, so thank God for that.

After some exploration of different speed, pressure and location – I felt I had arrived at a perfect place, now I wanted to stay there, breathe and open, be a witness to whatever was coming up for me.

There was this very powerful moment when I felt a wave of energy going up the back of my spine, as it reached my head it resulted in me opening up into blissful tears, it was a powerful softening that happened, I felt a new level of softness I had not felt in a while, I see how being in this softness is true power for me, yet I notice how in everyday life I can get so hard, be protective when really there is no need for it, yet I still notice how ego at times wants me to stay in hardness, so the moment when I felt that wave of energy flow up my spine and create a feeling of expansive tears in me, this was a moment I felt more power from opening up to softness, vulnerability and love.

What I learned through this first oming session is this: Our softness, tenderness, gentleness, vulnerability and sweet love is true power and true strength. I realized so much that it’s from this place I would like to lead from, create from and live from, it feels so much like hOMe.

I also learned that what my ego makes up things to be, is always so far from the truth, I learned that I need never allow doubtful fearful thoughts to control my life ever again.

I feel free, open whole, expansive. Looking forward to continuing this practice of oming with Wayne, as its such a powerful way to also feel really rooted and in the earth, in the body, grounded.