The Celebrating Feeling when We realize we need not suppress our desires for anything. The feeling that MAN we CAN HAVE IT ALL!! We are really so blessed. 

I will share how I recently began eating much more freely anything I wanted. Eating at any hour of the day. And LOVING IT ! 

I am a Women. I am Wild. I am a free Spirit. I choose to not control myself too much by having restricted eating times or restricted rules on what I can eat. 

All my Life I have been very controlling when it comes to what I eat. Or at least since I was in my early twenties. I Would have so much energy going towards what I eat and when I eat it and I would give all my time and energy to what I was eating! Like Life is all about what we eat. 

My Reality is filled with so much beauty and Bliss, why be stuck on fixating on what I eat ?

Why be stuck on judgments about what food is good for me and what is bad. Why call somethings I eat naughty and some things healthy? 

When we Choose to embark on the path of Self Love we NATURALLY change to eat in a way that is supportive for our health and wellness. We also Know and feel that anything we put into our body no matter what is is will be a blessing for us and it will be good. We eat things and our mind tells us it is a Gift and a Blessing. We eat for Love. We eat from a space of Love when we choose to Love ourselves in each moment. 

Pizza Cannot hurt you! Only the story you have in your mind about what Pizza can do to you is true. So If You strongly believe that Pizza is going to hurt you and make you depressed then of course that will be so. 

I have come to see that Pizza can Love me ! Really Love me when I really Really Love myself and eat it from a space of pure love and acceptance. 

All my Life especially since going Raw Vegan I became a bit overly obsessive about food. Never really actually coming to a place of Peace with it. 

Now. Choosing Self Love, Nurturing and Intuitive eating. I can say it’s so damn Peaceful and not even any fuss at all. Naturally I eat Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan when I Love myself. Naturally I choose that as I am happy ! Or Its every now and then a Vegan Pizza ! Haha 🙂 

Or some cultured cashew cheese created by my very talented brother ! Vegan cheese master i would say ! Either way, No matter what. There will be Love and acceptance and a feeling that I am Loving Myself Now. I am Loving Myself Now. I am ALWAYS BEING LOVED BY EVERY THING. No more food police! Just Celebrating freedom From self judgements ! 

When I throw away all the stories, all the beliefs, all the thoughts about anything. Then whatever I choose to do will be a wonderful experience for me. I will be Nurtured in one way or another by anything I do. 

It’s all in the mind. It’s all in the mind. It’s all in the mind. Look at your mind. What is it saying about what you are doing ? Is it creating disharmony or more harmony ? 

I Pray you are able to observe and watch the mind. So you can come to a space of feeling peace by either letting all that shit go or begin thinking thoughts that are of Love. Like everything I experience and ever will experience is LOVING me. 

I am Loved In all Ways every moment by existence. I am Blessed By the Breath, By the Body, By the Mind. It’s all a blessing.

One thing I have learned after 29 years of living is that our beliefs, stories and thoughts about reality are sometimes no where near actual ecstatic LOVING BLISSFUL reality. 

SO Thank You To awareness and Freedom to see. A little more, about the powerful being that we all are !