Aloha all Lovers of Rich Decadent Cacao treats. Today I am sharing the recipe for these really amazing Fudge Brownies. Raw. Vegan. Sugar free. Gluten Free. Packed with Natures Powerful Foods. As it should be 😉 Taste Pleasure that really REALLY feels good ! 

Can be eaten as a midday pick me up snack with a nice cup of tea coffee or chai. For breakfast with a nice creamy glass of homemade Hemp, Almond, or Coconut milk.

You can eat it in bed together with your sweetheart. Feed it to one another and then get it on!! 😀 Or have a wonderful open honest heart share <3

Whatever way you eat it just know you are indulging in a very very high vibe decadent powerful treat that really loves you back. Packed with nutrients from using Raw Organic ingredients. Very few simple ingredients.

I tuned into this recipe. I just sat there and imagined what would be good combinations. Intuitive recipe. The way I love to create.

So I hope you can Enjoy these as much as my family and friends are.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Chocolate Macnut Topping 

What you will need : Food Processor Love and Gratitude ! 


6 Cups Dates

1 Cup Coconut Manna

1 cup Cacao butter

3 cups Cacao powder

Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt to enhance flavor but not necessary.


Add all ingredients in a food processor. Melt the cacao butter before adding it in to the mix

Mix until all ingredients are all together.

You may need to take all the batter out and put it into the food processor a little bit at a time. This is to support the food processor to mix it all so It really becomes One.

Place the mix once ready in either parchment paper or a pan.

Let it cool so the cacao butter can harden again making it all get together real nice !

Chocolate Macnut Topping 

In a double boiler melt down

1 1/4 cups Cacao Paste

0,5 Cup of Cacao Butter

1,5 Cup mesquite powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt

Once its all melted pour over the fudge brownie that’s been cooling of and settling in the fridge or freezer.  Spread it out evenly and let cool down so the chocolate can harden a bit.

Add chopped up macnuts as a nice sweet rich crunchy topping before the chocolate gets hard so they stick to the chocolate.

Cut into Bite size pieces. They are very rich!

Serve and eat at Room Temperature for full flavor.

This recipe makes a good amount. Estimate serving is about 15 to 20 depending on how much you eat.

I am excited to hear from you how they turn out if u choose to make them. 

And of course, we can always change and modify anything to our own personal liking. We can get creative and tune into what we are feeling in that moment. This can be used as a base or inspiration for your own beautiful raw vegan decadent delicious creation !  

I am open to feedback on this too. Im just beginning to actually make recipes, I have all my life only free flowed in all my creations never saved any recipe so its always really fresh and new. But I have realized that Recipes can be fun and easy to create. Just gotta tune into it. And Trust its gonna be amazing! Because it always is 😀 

I Love You So Much !!! Happy Beautiful day to You!