I am a vegan of 5 years. Veganism has been in my family for a long time. 

I became vegan after going to the Woodstock Fruit festival. Thank God for that festival. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in seeing 75 year olds acting and living as energized as a teenager ! Also super sexy beautiful human beings of all ages having the time of their lives getting high of fruits sunshine and love ! 

I cannot believe how long I was living as a non vegan. I was vegetarian. Thought I was health conscious. Now I’m shocked at the idea of considering what I ate before as healthy. Cheese, yoghurt, fish and eggs. Thank God for psilocybin mushrooms for showing me that if I cannot kill the fish myself I have no right to have someone else do it for me. In my heart I could never kill a fish. Its a living earthling that wants to continue breathing. I prefer not to interfere with any living beings life just so I could eat it.

Especially when there is a whole plant kingdom that is here. Sunshine food is here ! We can eat it and Thrive and Shine ! Earthy greens and vegetables, airy light fruits. Its Heaven food. Creates heaven environment from within. Sunshine Love food! This is what can Truly make you feel Alive ! 

Remove death, dead flesh from fearful suffering animals. Remove that from your diet. I promise, your heart will Smile. This is my experience, I went from being depressed and dark to blissful and living in the heavenly realms! Not everyone can meet me there. Thats okay. The ones I really wanna connect with do 😉 Even when darkness comes I trust and know I am Light. Always. Because I eat sunlight food. Everyday. I desire to share this food with you. With human beings. 

My mama has been amazing at sharing this kind of food with the people for a very long time. I had the pleasure of working with her in our vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Northern Sweden called Down to Earth. It was a family business. I worked there as well as my mama and stepdad. My grandma and her coworkers would come for lunch everyday. The little town of Northern Sweden got blessed by this place. Lunch buffe and at times dinner service. My mama made everything from scratch. The most amazing baguettes and amazing food. World food. All Vegan. She made Indian, mexican, thai, sushi pizza lasagna. Amazing Chocolate cake made with potato instead of egg. Super moist and so rich! 

My mother introduced me to Raw vegan desserts, cakes and pies. I always felt it was a mystery. Never really understood how she did it. Just really really enjoyed eating them. Felt so nourishing and rich. 

The day I got to see her make it step by step I got it. The mystery was solved and I now knew I could do it too ! I started creating and playing in the kitchen. With many flavors and colors. I Loved the process of creating raw Vegan desserts. It was my biggest joy to have the house all to myself and make the most beautiful cacao treats, cakes and pies. All while drinking a Tulsi Chai with Vanilla hemp milk. Oh how I remember those days. 

Also the cooking and preparing meals with my mother, big HUGE salads for dinner. With the most amazing nut based dressings. So creamy and satisfying.  Preparing vegan nurturing meals have been in my life for a long time. I have catered to weekend retreats and private parties. I make vegan meals for my family whenever I am in my hometown. I most recently prepared a vegan Thai curry for my partners grandma in Palm Springs. She really enjoyed it. Its so much fun introducing vegan meals to people who have never had it. To people who eat meat most days because its what they grew up with. I love showing the possibility that you can get all your needs met and taste pleasure met with vegan food. 

Sometimes people ask me if my love for cooking and creating in the kitchen comes from my moms love for it. And because I worked with her. In some ways yes. I got to experience the soothing nurturing love energy from her being in the kitchen, preparing our family home made meals almost every night. We would always sit and share meals together. As the family we were. 

I certainly love creating that feeling of being nurtured for others. I love to nurture others by sharing health conscious delicious foods. 

I used to struggle with alcohol addiction, pretty heavily so until nearly leaving this body. I remember how important it was for my healing to eat a plant based vegan diet. How important part of the healing it was for me to prepare my own meals using whole foods. It felt as though it was my new practice of self love. This was very important for healing my trust in myself and that I could take care of myself. Because for so long I had harmed my body with alcohol. The practice of feeling my body and tuning into what it really wanted in a deeper sense was beautiful. It wanted sunlight. In all ways but especially sunlight food. The kind of food that was colorful and bright. Like fruits, greens, root vegetables. I wanted to eat sunlight ! 

And sunlight food I been eating ever since. A balanced vegan diet. Whole foods. Lots and lots of whole foods. Lentils, quinoa, beans, pumpkins, sweet potato, potatoes, fruits, greens and vegetables ! Also amazing powerful nuts and seeds. 

While living in Hawaii I feel so blessed to be able to eat mostly local food. Local sweet potato, ulu, pumpkin, cassava, bananas, papayas and so many vegetables. And of course, the coconuts ! The water of coconuts and the meat! So incredibly nourishing. 

I prepare food almost every day for me and my partner. Because I love too. 

So yesterday I realized, I wanna share this! With more people !  I have shared it many times before in many different ways. I’ve catered food for retreats, ceremonies and parties. Also for individual people. This is a service I love providing. 

So I realize the best way at this time to share anything is thru the internet.  Using the markets as a way to advertise what I share and provide thru my website. I Love doing the markets, but now they are more a place I go to for the fun of socializing and for the fun of informing people of what I do in a bigger scale online. 

My main focus with this Weekly Vegan Meals is to share and support human beings who want to treat themselves to amazing home cooked meals. Get it delivered to their door and provide a service that is truly going to nurture another human being from the inside out. 

Also I wanna create an experience of pleasure by also sharing some Raw Vegan Desserts in the weekly meals. I see this as a way to love others. To share my Gift and Joy of sharing natural foods with people. Tasty satisfying and nutritious. 

I am feeling aligned in the idea of delivering the food in beautiful glass mason jars. This way they can be given back to me for future orders.  This way we reuse. This feels so good. 

I see this Vegan weekly meal as a beautiful gift. You can gift yourself or a loved one. I know I would absolutely love to receive something like this myself. Thats why I offer it to you. I love you. Happy day to you my friend.