The dream. The reality.  I love it. All men and woman are strong, healthy and thriving. We are sexy ripped and glowing. Touching massaging loving one another from head to toe ! We are all connected to our eternal Source of Infinite Love.

We are all oiled up with the purest coconut oil dancing naked in the sunshine on top of a Hill overlooking the ocean. There is a big waterfall on our right that we all swim in whenever we are getting to hot and need a cool down. There is a great DJ here playing euphoric heart opening beats and tunes. 

Our cells are buzzing with bliss and our eyes are wide open to the beauty of life all around us. 

We Smile we kiss we eye gaze. We Dance around the land feeling light on our feet and excited like children. We are enjoying the abundant Raw Vegan Food bar that is set up in the big spacious greenhouse.

There, there is a big table. The table is filled with Raw Vegan CBD protein bars. 3 Beautiful muscular glowing shining men are standing by this beautiful table with the biggest smiles you have ever seen. Also the sweetest gaze you’ve ever seen. They are standing by this table, sharing the amazing benefits they have received from going vegan and choosing these protein bars over any other.

They are getting people signed up for the monthly CBD Cacao Protein bar subscriptions. Where people sign up and pay to be on the monthly list to receive 30 Protein Bars every month. Basically making it possible for people to enjoy one Raw Vegan CBD Cacao Protein bar a day. 

So far there is already 444 people signed up for this monthly subscription. People all over the world are enjoying Getting toned fit ripped and energized with the support of these amazing CBD Protein bars plus the monthly Motivational newsletter, fitness video and health inspired talk by someone from the company. Also the amazing monthly recipes. 

This blissful high vibe party is all to celebrate the success of the Raw Vegan CBD protein bars. And the success of so many human beings thriving from going vegan plant based. Choosing the lifestyle of Love and Compassion above all. 

This is a love tribe party where all are accepted and received in their unique essence. All are divinely connected and experiencing oneness. Living in Community Blasting the Vibrations of Love and Bliss out into the world. 

The founder, of the Raw Vegan CBD Cacao Protein Bars, Amanda Blank, is so excited, so humbled, so honored, to be standing on a field surrounded by all these amazing human beings. Whom are all shining and glowing living their Divine Purpose. 

With Gratitude, she sits. Naked by the waterfall. Dissolving into the sound of the running water. She is experiencing herself as everything in this Universe. Not limited to her flesh body. But literally all of it…She is the waterfall, she is the sky, she is the sexy men, the sexy powerful women. She is the child, she is the woman. She is no more limited to the one symbol of her body. She is everything. She always has been. ……

Beauty. Life. Death. Freedom. Creativity.  YES. 

Yes. Allow it. Live it. Gift the world aka yourself this Gift of you sharing your unique offering. 

I am not one thing. ….therefore I am everything. 

Abundance. Gratitude. Appreciation. Freedom to Express and share.