What we are is such a beautiful luminous light!

Our shared love and Joy is the medicine for this world. Let us share this energy with more of our people, through our deep commitment to honesty, honoring our truths and speaking them, using our voice, we can all begin to connect and play in this heaven on earth, it is a safe place, create that safe place inside first and see the safety that is who you are…

There is a powerful innocence to every human being that I would like to tap into, from this place we see there is no right or wrong, from here it is play and joyfulness. Ease and smiles. From this place of innocence all the tears can run down our face and wash us clean, leaving us glowing with magic and bathing in our pure essence. Our Pure essence feels like ecstatic Joy, it is Pure Love.

When I am expressing love and openness I am in my most natural state, when I see beauty in everything I am at home. When I celebrate the love shared all over the world in all different kinds of ways I feel deeply connected and in awe at the incredible creation that human is.

Because human is so good at loving, sharing sweetness to one another, I love to be in this experience and I love to witness it and feel the energy from “others” shared experience of Love.

I say others yet truly when Ramana Maharshi was asked “How do we treat others?” His answer was: “There are no others”.

This is the deep truth I feel opens me up to humanity in such a soft yet powerful way, I fucking love you all. I love you so much it connects me deeply to my deepest pain, deepest wounds as a human. This connection to my pain and seeing my wounds is a Gift. Because I get to allow myself to feel it, connect back to an innocence I felt before this pain and before these wounds were created, I get to remember this innocence and love is who I am, I get to love and care for myself here like nothing else, bring in sweetness, care and tenderness.

I get to feel tears run down my face as I am seen by my powerful sisters in this place of feeling my wound that I for so long have wanted to cover up with a fancy carpet, yet, that has been lying, and kind of kept me disconnected from who I am at the core of it all.

Because all the feelings that come from connecting to this part of me is truly essential for me to feel all of the beauty of me, to feel grounded here and now. To be present to the gift of love that is offered and shared in every moment of my life.

Thank you for your unique way of expression the One Love that we all are. Deeply thank you for letting your light shine and your spark create magic and inspire playfulness wherever you go. I LOVE YOU.