I don’t really have any of this figured out. I do feel I resonate with being in Gratitude, Peace and Calmness. I resonate feeling the relaxation that comes from remembering anicca. Change. Impermanence. I am seeing that one thing that is always true about this reality is change. And that is so fucking beautiful. Loosen the grip to everything. No point to hold on. Let it go. Open your hands that are holding on to ideas concepts, people or things.

Self image, stories. Loosen that grip….Relax as the story arises. Don’t hold it at all. Just Relax and see how it’s becoming see thru. Transparent. Until finally quietly going away. Wow. So that thing we grabbed and held onto so hard to make it appear to be real. Is not actually real. Never was….

who was doing the grabbing ? Who ? Who grabs onto things and makes them appear to be so real and important ? is that you ? Who wants to make them real ? is that you ?

Whenever the story comes again, stay in a relaxed state. Tension is gripping. Relaxation is letting it go. Are we ready to let it go and come to Heaven ? The invitation is always here. Heaven is always here.

Recently I was in the realm and dimension where none of this could be labeled as me. I was not anywhere to be seen. I was as much this body as I was the million other bodies. No special attention or identification was given to this body that is typing now. As if its just a small part I can use to express myself in whatever way I please. Who we are is expressing itself so beautifully thru all of us. We are one….When will the whole world see that we are all so interconnected. That the people around us are us. It kinda brings me to tears. When I say us. I feel God. I feel Love. I see Love….everything that is ever searched for. Right here. Always… So much going around and around caught in the illusions. But they always crack. ….this is the moments of tears flowing down. Laughter. Joy. Incredible Peace and Trust.

Loosen the grips to it all. Loosen the grip…. Stay in the relaxed state. Live and breathe in Heaven. Right here. I’ll meet you here.

I’ll meet you here in this space where all is okay. Where its okay to feel anything and everything. Where all feelings can just arise, stay for a while, and pass away. I’ll meet you here in this space where feelings can just come and go. All the while we, we are smiling like the BIG sun. Smiling and living in deep peace. Eternal everlasting Peace..

All these dimensions….

The one where we clearly see the connection of us all. I live here. The place where there is just One. Right here….

We are all together. Even if we are not physically together. We are so together. You feel that ?